IMPORTANT: NEW DOJANG in V5 Room (Upstairs opposite the squash court)




We now train in the V5 Room

(Upstairs opposite the squash court)

The Venue
(Beccles Sports Centre)

Monday and Thursday

7.00pm to 8.30pm

Venue closed Monday August 31st (Bank Holiday)

Photo below of how it looked a couple of weeks back, since then it’s had a new floor, windows, lighting and white paint, so you will be impressed when you next bow in!


Also remember our demonstration at

Worlingham Fete on Sat 5th September.

Fete starts 1.30pm, our Demo is 3pm

We also have a pitch for the event to help promote Taekwon-do

Next grading is on 4th of October!

Other NEWS:

We have put up a link to some brilliant Taekwondo Training Videos, take a look, the link is in the menus too: B-TKD Video

Also added a link the the Taekwondo Encyclopaedia, again also in the menus: TKD Encyclopedia

 Having revamped the website for easier viewing, we have added a New Shortened Web Address


for easier promotion.

The old address still works too!

 New Club T-Shirts available

Now sporting our new shortened web address, many variations on colours too!


Come and Learn Taekwondo at Beccles Taekwondo – 1st Lesson Free!


 Always wanted to learn a martial art?

It’s never too late… Come and Try Taekwon-do at

Beccles Taekwondo Club and bring the children,

we will teach you all at the same time!!

Please forward to friends, via email, facebook, twitter, or printout and display!

Click here to download a pdf version.


Call Nigel and Susan Bedingfield on 01986 895204 

or email:

Hopefully see you there… Susie & Nidge

Susan and Nigel Bedingfield Instructors Beccles Taekwondo

Global Taekwon-do United Kingdom, Unified ITF, Taekwon-do International, BTC


Taekwondo is a great family sport,
where mums and dads can learn alongside their children.

Beccles Taekwondo in the community!

It’s been a busy week:

BOB dressed for the occasion as usual! Beccles Taekwon-do Club

Monday: Big group of students turn out at Beccles Taekwondo Club session in the evening, with new people having a come and try session.

Ringsfield‬ Primary School

Tuesday morning: equipment at the ready, before what was two fantastic introductory sessions of Taekwondo‬ at Ringsfield‬ Primary School. Nice to see some of our existing students too, looking well proud in their doboks :)

Beccles Free School taekwondo lessons
Beccles‬ Free School

Wednesday afternoon: Last of our Taekwondo enrichment sessions at Beccles‬ Free School for this year, and we look forward to seeing some of the students at our Beccles Taekwondo‬ Club to continue their training on a Monday or Thursday evening, very soon 😉

Brampton ‬Primary School

Thursday Morning: Another day another taster session… This time we were at Brampton Primary School, and two more fantastic introductory sessions of Taekwondo delivered to over 50 children.

red red-to-black-tag

Thursday Evening: and we are back at the Beccles Taekwondo Club sessions again, and not only with more new members coming to have a go, but we now have a sea of red and black tag belted students to teach…great feeling.

GTUK Beccles Taekwondo‬






Beccles Taekwondo Grading Success June 2015

Beccles Taekwondo Grading Success

Beccles and Bungay Taekwon-do Students took part in their 2nd Grading of the year at Bungay High School on Sunday 14th June.

All students were graded on their individual belt syllabuses, which included patterns, techniques, step sparring, self defence, sparring, destruction, and a test of their knowledge in both English and Korean.

GTUK Examiner Mr Steve King VI degree was very pleased with the progress of all students, and said that the standards were very high, he congratulated them on their 100% pass rate, with many being mums and dads successfully grading alongside their children, and noted that  “it was fantastic to see so many new members signing up to ‘have a go’ at this martial art”.

Also a special well done to the students from the Beccles Free School enrichment scheme who gained their first belts!

This is a great time to start this family orientated sport, giving new members time to learn the 1st belt syllabus in readiness for the October grading, it takes 4 years to learn the full syllabus and become a 1st Degree Black Belt student.

If you would like to come and have a go the first session is always free, see our web sites for more details:

Mr and Mrs Bedingfield II Degree Instructors

Mr Clinton Gillett V Degree Instructor

UITF British Open Medallists

UITF British medallists 2015

Well done to all the  GTUK‬ East competitors for taking part in last weekends UITF British Open, and especially to BecclesTaekwondo’s Jason Drake on his 2 silver medals!

Jason Drake silver medals for patterns and sparring

British Open Taekwondo Success.

Twenty competitors from Bungay and Beccles Taekwondo clubs travelled to the heart of England in order to compete in this year’s British Open Taekwondo championships at the weekend and despite huge categories and some very heavy contact they came away with a stunning 21 medals!

Gordon Perkis and Kerry Norfolk achieved fantastic double gold medals for sparring and patterns whilst Amanda Linford achieved gold for patterns and silver for sparring, Lucy Thurbon fought superbly for her gold in sparring and bronze in patterns.

Jason Drake (from Beccles Club), and Jade Howgate achieved double silver medals in their divisions.

Tegan Brown performed superbly in order to be awarded silver for sparring and bronze for patterns, whilst Amber Swanston, Liam Everett and Jacob Burden fought really hard for their bronze medals. Colby Aldrich was really unlucky to come 4th in his category after many rounds of hard competition.

The event culminated in Club instructor Clinton Gillett, fighting assistant instructor Martin Sloan in the final of the Veteran middle weight Black belt male sparring with Clinton winning on points.

Martin therefore gained silver for sparring and bronze for patterns with Clinton getting the gold for sparring and a bronze for patterns in the international category.

Thomas Adams, Jake Swanston, Bailey Aldrich, Christian Everett, Jayden Howgate, Ben Burden and Harry Norfolk were fabulous competitors but missed out on the medals in this instance.

The clubs are gearing up for the summer grading in June but there is still an opportunity to get started in this dynamic sport and details can be found on the clubs websites.