UITF British Open Medallists

UITF British medallists 2015

Well done to all the  GTUK‬ East competitors for taking part in last weekends UITF British Open, and especially to BecclesTaekwondo’s Jason Drake on his 2 silver medals!

Jason Drake silver medals for patterns and sparring

British Open Taekwondo Success.

Twenty competitors from Bungay and Beccles Taekwondo clubs travelled to the heart of England in order to compete in this year’s British Open Taekwondo championships at the weekend and despite huge categories and some very heavy contact they came away with a stunning 21 medals!

Gordon Perkis and Kerry Norfolk achieved fantastic double gold medals for sparring and patterns whilst Amanda Linford achieved gold for patterns and silver for sparring, Lucy Thurbon fought superbly for her gold in sparring and bronze in patterns.

Jason Drake (from Beccles Club), and Jade Howgate achieved double silver medals in their divisions.

Tegan Brown performed superbly in order to be awarded silver for sparring and bronze for patterns, whilst Amber Swanston, Liam Everett and Jacob Burden fought really hard for their bronze medals. Colby Aldrich was really unlucky to come 4th in his category after many rounds of hard competition.

The event culminated in Club instructor Clinton Gillett, fighting assistant instructor Martin Sloan in the final of the Veteran middle weight Black belt male sparring with Clinton winning on points.

Martin therefore gained silver for sparring and bronze for patterns with Clinton getting the gold for sparring and a bronze for patterns in the international category.

Thomas Adams, Jake Swanston, Bailey Aldrich, Christian Everett, Jayden Howgate, Ben Burden and Harry Norfolk were fabulous competitors but missed out on the medals in this instance.

The clubs are gearing up for the summer grading in June but there is still an opportunity to get started in this dynamic sport and details can be found on the clubs websites.

UITF British Championships – 16th May 2015

UITF British Championships

UITF British Championships

16th May 2015  – 9am doors open
Sports Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton on Dunsmore, Coventry, CV8 3Fl

***Instructors – please distribute to your students***

The GTUK is co-hosting this event, which is being held as a warm up competition in the run up to the II UITF World Championships, held in Hatfield over 10th-12th July, 2015.

The championships are open to both Coloured and Black Belt students with categories of patterns, sparring, power and special technique. Power & Special Technique is open to Black Belt Junior, Senior & Veteran Categories.

A FREE! Course for UITF-UK officials will be held on the day for all new and existing Umpires and Referees. Black Belts – Please Fill the online form and submit to register for the UITF-UK Umpires Course which will take place after the British Open Championships 16th May 2015, 6.00pm till 9.00pm. This course will set the standards required for the for coming UITF World Championships in U.K.

Coloured belt divisions are £15 to enter.
Black belt divisions are £20 to enter.
Spectators tickets are available for £5 per ticket.
All payments are made at point of registration online.

Online registration is available via http://www.uitf-uk.com/. Registration will be open until 8th May 2015, after which no further entries will be accepted. A passport photo is required to be uploaded for use for entry to the championships. **Please ensure this is an up to date appropriate, passport style photograph, that is clear and easily identifiable. Poor quality images may be rejected.**

ITF rules will be in place.

The divisions are split as detailed below:-

Coloured Belts
*Divisions aim to be split by Yellow, Green, Blue, Red.
Then by the following age categories for patterns, (Sparring in brackets)
Cadet Boys Under 12 –  Sparring (<120cms, <140cms, <160cms, >160cms)
Cadet Girls Under 12 –  Sparring (<120cms, <140cms, <160cms, >160cms)
Junior Males 13-17yrs – Sparring (<58kg, <63kg, <70kg, >70kg)
Junior Female 13-17yrs – Sparring (<48kg, <53kg, <60kg, >60kg)
Males 18-35yrs – Sparring (<63kg, <71kg, <80kg, >80kg)
Females 18-35yrs – Sparring (<58kg, <63kg, <70kg, >70kg)
Veteran Male 36yrs+ – Sparring (<73kg, <90kg, >90kg)
Veteran Female 36yrs+ – Sparring (<61kg, <75kg, >75kg)

Black Belts
*Pattern divisions aim to be split by grades and the following ages. (Sparring in brackets)
Cadet Boys Under 12 –  Sparring (<120cms, <140cms, <160cms, >160cms)
Cadet Girls Under 12 –  Sparring (<120cms, <140cms, <160cms, >160cms)
Junior Males 13-17yrs – Sparring (<52kg, <58kg, <63kg, <71kg, <80kg, >80kg)
Junior Female 13-17yrs – Sparring (<42kgs, <48kg, <53kg, <60kg, >60kg)
Males 18-35yrs – Sparring (<58kg, <63kg, <71kg, <80kg, >80kg)
Females 18-35yrs – Sparring (<52kg, <58kg, <63kg, <70kg, >70kg)
Veteran Male 36yrs+ – Sparring (<73kg, <90kg, >90kg)
Veteran Female 36yrs+ – Sparring (<61kg, <75kg, >75kg)

*Please be advised it is at the organisers discretion to change divisions where necessary and appropriate.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask…

Kind regards

Mrs J Auciello

Umpire Course – Practical Day Session 18th April 2015


GTUK Umpire Course (B)

(Practical Umpire Course Syllabus only)

18th April 2015 10-4pm £15:00
Catmose Sports Centre, Oakham

The arranged Umpire Course (practical day) of the 11th April 2015, has been postponed to 18th April 2015 due to the BTC Touch Gloves championships. Please find the entry, costs detailed below; please distribute this information to your students.

This course has been run following requests from students who attended the last course, requesting more time to take part in the practical session that follows the theory side.

This session is perfect for students who have already attended a previous course which has already encompassed the Theory aspect, however is open to all eligible students,(detailed below). The day will cover umpiring, refereeing, as well as the administration, and during the afternoon session will give opportunity to referee with both all range of students (Coloured & Black belt peewees, juniors and seniors) during the squad training session.

Morning session 10:00 – 12:00 – Friendly practical session with other students on the course, with feedback opportunities with seniors/other students. Opportunity to deal with staged situations which occur during competitions.

Afternoon session 1:00 – 4:00  – Practical session in conjunction with the GTUK England squad session, giving opportunity to actually umpire real competitors.

This course is open to students aged 14 years and over, red tag and above.

Please complete and bring along the Umpire Course Form. Dress Code: Dobok

Many thanks

Mr Auciello & Mr Holmes

Well done to our small but perfect team of Beccles Taekwondo students


Well done to our small but perfect team of Beccles Taekwondo students who completed at the National GTUK Championships on 7th March 2015, you did us proud!

Left to right

Jason Drake: Bronze Sparring

Barbara Mazza: Gold Patterns, Gold Destruction, Silver Sparring

Gary Wheeler: 4th Sparring


Jason and Gary with Mrs Bedingfield who never misses the chance of a photo opportunity 😉

Medals Galore for Waveney Taekwondo Clubs

Fourteen students from Bungay and Beccles Taekwondo Clubs travelled 160 miles to Coventry at the weekend to compete in this year’s GTUK National Championships and came away with a medal haul to be proud of.

Over 800 students from all over the UK gathered at the Sky Blues Connection to compete against one another in sparring, patterns and destruction following on from regional tournaments held earlier in the year.

Jed Baddour (aged 8) came second in the Pee-wee special destruction technique whilst Jadyn Howgate (aged 6) got through a couple of rounds in his sparring category before being defeated by the eventual winner so they were both unlucky to leave without medals.

Other Bungay students were more fortunate with Jade Howgate (aged 31) winning bronze for sparring and patterns in her first ever competition, whilst Taylor Perkins, Lucy Thurbon (both aged 13) and Liam Everett (aged 14) won double silvers in their categories. Tegan Brown won an excellent gold for her superb patterns and a well-deserved bronze for her sparring. Christian Everett (aged 11) and Club instructor Clinton Gillett (aged 43) topped the tables with both winning gold medals for sparring and patterns in their categories.


Beccles student Gary Wheeler was a super sport but narrowly missed out on a medal whilst his team mate Jason Drake gained a bronze for sparring. Barbara Mazza achieved great golds for patterns and destruction alongside silver for sparring.

The final medal haul was 18 medals won which is testament to the high quality of taekwondo in the area. If you want to come along and try this superb martial art for competition or just to get fit or learn self-defence then please check out the club websites www.bungay-taekwondo.co.uk or www.beccles-Taekwondo.co.uk we always welcome everyone in this family friendly sport.


GTUK Championships 7th March 2015

GTUK Championships

Please find attached information regarding the forthcoming

GTUK championships on 7th March 2015  

Registration will open at 8:30 am, and there will be refreshments available during the day. Can you please arrive as early as possible with your students to ensure the day will run as smoothly as possible? The GTUK Scotland & England Squad coaches will again be on the lookout for new talent and inviting students to join the appropriate Squad.

We have again organised an After Champs Party, which will be held in the Warwick Suite at the Sports Connexion. There will be a disco all evening and a buffet will be served.

Advanced tickets are available for £5 each when reserved with your instructors.

All dates on the paperwork are aimed at students; therefore gives a cut-off date of 1st March 2015 to allow Instructors time to process the entries, and party ticket requests.

Entry fees are:

  • Coloured Belt Adults £20.00
  • Coloured Belt Junior & Peewee £15.00
  • Black Belt Adults – £20.00
  • Black Belt Junior & Peewee £15.00
  • Spectators £5.00 on the day through Spectators entrance.
  • Under 11yrs old free’ when accompanied by an adult

Click images for information and entry forms

GTUK-Championships-Information-Mar-2015 GTUK-Champs-Entry-Form-Mar-2015

Congratulations to Beccles Taekwondo students who attended the Northamptonshire Inter Club Tournament on 15th Feb 2015

Beccles and Bungay Taekwondo competitors before the competition


 Congratulations to Beccles Taekwondo students who attended the Northamptonshire Inter Club Tournament on 15th Feb 2015

Fantastic results.

Barbara Mazza: Silver Sparring, Gold Patterns

Jason Drake: Silver Sparring, Gold Patterns

Gary Wheeler: Silver Patterns, Gold Destruction


A much smaller contingent of Bungay and Beccles Taekwondo students than usual travelled the 100 miles to Northampton in order to compete in this year’s inter-club competition.  Many of the usual stalwarts were on holiday or unavailable due to prior commitments but those that did attend achieved great success.

From Bungay High School Christian Everett (year 7) and Liam Everett (year 9) represented the club superbly with Liam getting 2 silver medals for sparring and patterns in his age and belt category whilst his brother Christian gained bronze for patterns and brilliant gold for sparring in his division.  He was also praised by all the black belts for his level of technical ability and self-control whilst fighting some slightly smaller boys in his category.  Mr Baddour’s son Jed, who trains in the Wednesday after school club also did really well to win gold for patterns and bronze for sparring in the Pee-wees (under 12s).

From Beccles Barbara Mazza won silver for sparring and a great gold for patterns with the same results for Jason Drake whilst Gary Wheeler got silver for patterns and a fabulous gold for all coloured belt veterans destruction. Bella Gibson competed well but just missed out on a medal place.

Mr Gillett finished of the medal haul by winning gold in sparring and silver for patterns in the Veteran black belt males.  With all the medals won we came 4th in the area, only beaten by much bigger towns such as Wellingborough and Northampton which was a great if somewhat surprising achievement with our diminished team!

Students are getting ready for the British GTUK Championships at the moment but it is still possible to come along and train, just contact the clubs for further details www.bungay-taekwondo.co.uk or www.beccles-taekwondo.co.uk


Northants Interclub Tournament 15th February 2015


Beccles Taekwondo Club have been invited to the

Northants Interclub Tournament

on Sunday 15th February 2015

All Ages and Belts Categories

Patterns, Sparring and Destruction

Venue: Thomas Beckett School, Northampton

Doors open to competitors: 9.45am or earlier if we’re ready. 

Prices: £8 competitor.
£3 spectator X 1, £5 spectators x 2, £8 spectators x 3, £10 spectators x 4.

Under 4s spectate free. 

Squares: three squares (two boxes from Mrs Parker one from Mr King).

One square dragons and pee wees, one square juniors, one square adults.

Patterns first followed by sparring. Full safety equipment needed (hands, feet, head and groin).

Breaking: it has been requested that we let lower grades have a go at breaking. If everyone agrees we can do that.

First aid: Lisa will be attending.

Photos: DE booked.

Medals and certificates: Ready.

Food stall: snacks will available.

We will be collecting money for Cancer Research on the day.
A collection box by the food stall and front doors.
Any profits made by us on the food stall will go to the charity.

This is a great entry level tournament, with a friendly family atmosphere,

not as big as the Nationals, but still great competition, very well run and good fun.

So try to make it if you can!

Medal winners GTUK British National Championships 2014


Well done to all those ‪‎Beccles‬ Taekwondo‬ students who had a great day at the 2014 GTUK British Nationals in Coventry, 5 Golds, 5 silver and 1 bronze, 3 of those destruction champions.

Peewee, junior, adult and veteran competitors, just proves what a family orientated club can achieve!

Well done everyone from 2 very proud instructors. 


Medal Winners:

Peewee Female colour belt Patterns: Bronze – Isabella Gibson

Junior Male colour belt Patterns: Gold – Henry Howe

Junior Male colour belt Sparring: Silver – Henry Howe

Adult Male colour belt Sparring: Silver – Andrew Burpitt

Veteran Male colour belt Patterns: Silver – Jason Drake

Veteran Male colour belt Destruction: Gold – Jason Drake

Veteran Female colour belt Patterns: Gold – Babara Mazza

Veteran Female colour belt Destruction: Gold – Babara Mazza

Veteran Male Black Belt Patterns: Silver – Nidge Bedingfield

Veteran Male Black Belt Sparring: Silver – Nidge Bedingfield

Veteran Male Black Belt Destruction: Gold – Nidge Bedingfield

And a special mention for Gary Wheeler who competed well in all categories and showed true taekwondo spirit throughout the tournament but finished just outside the medals.


medalists with GMO








More photos can be seen and purchased from


GTUK Taekwondo Championships 2014

GTUK Taekwondo Championships 2014  2014



Hi All,

Competition Time!

GTUK Championships – Sat 25th October 2014

Ryton on Dunsmore near Coventry

All ages and belt ranks, including white belts.

We need to know who is interested in going as soon as we can, your own transport will be needed.

The competition is for Patterns, Sparring all belts, and Destruction for adult green belts and above.

These are brilliant tournaments, National status with big medals!

A great experience to see what your Taekwondo is really all about, and the chance to meet some great people and senior instructors, including Grand Master Oldham.

Also a chance to see the black belts in action!

Please click below to see full details:



GTUK Championships Information Oct 2014

GTUK 2014 Champs Entry Form




For up to date info please regularly check our website www.beccles-taekwondo.co.uk

or call Susan and Nigel Bedingfield on 01986 895204

or email: info@beccles-taekwondo.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BecclesTaekwondo


Global Taekwon-do United Kingdom, Unified ITF, Taekwon-do International, British Taekwon-do Council


Three British Champions for Beccles Taekwondo Club!

A Successful Day at the GTUK British Individual Championships

Well done to Beccles Taekwondo students who competed at the British Championships on Saturday 8th March 2014 at Ryton Nr Coventry, 5 competitors coming home with 4 Golds and 1 Bronze medals.

A few photos below, many courtesy Mr Graham Wells Official GTUK England Squad photographer.


Beccles Taekwondo Medal Winners

Barbara Mazza: Gold Sparring Veteran Ladies white to green tag

Jason Drake: Gold Sparring & Gold Patterns, Veteran Male white to green tag open weight

Mrs Susie Bedingfield: Gold Patterns Veteran Ladies 2nd Degree Black Belt

Mr Nidge Bedingfield: Bronze Sparring Veteran Male 2nd Degree Black Belt open weight

Also a big well done to Isabella Gibson who competed in her first ever tournament as a Peewee,
and to Miss Jenna Akerman from Bungay who competed in a very tough Adult Ladies Black Belt section.







British-Championships-2014-14Mr Clinton Gillett IV from Bungay winning Silver!

British-Championships-2014-15The ‘destruction’ tournament was as competitive as ever!







Many other photos can be seen and purchased from DE Photo.





Tournament NEWS & Grading Date 29th March 2014

Interclub News


A BIG WELL DONE to Jason, Henry and Miss Jenna Akerman who attending the Wellingborough Interclub Tournament on Sunday 23rd Feb.

Bungay and Beccles represented the East and came 3rd overall in a competition that had 9 other clubs taking part.

These medals were really hard fought for, and well deserved see full report below.

Henry: Bronze Sparring, Silver Patterns, Best Male Junior Competitor of the day.

Jason: Silver Sparring, Bronze Patterns.

Jenna: Adult Black Belt Bronze Patterns.

beccles-taekwondo-interclub-2014-webIf you are interested in the next tournament just ask these guys what it felt like to compete!

East Anglia Interclub Success

Fifteen students of all ages travelled to Wellingborough in Northamptonshire to compete in this year’s East Anglia Interclub tournament and came away with a superb haul of 18 medals, 3 trophies and a creditable 3rd place.  The students from Beccles and Bungay Taekwondo clubs had the furthest to travel and the longest day but fought against stiff opposition in order to reach the podium.

Gold medals were won by Lucy Thurbon (aged 12) and Amanda Burden (who also won a silver for patterns and the best adult female competitor award), Lucy also gained a bronze for her sparring after bravely fighting on with a split lip.  Adam Fuller (aged 11) won silver for patterns and bronze for sparring whilst his brother Lewis (aged 15) won silver for patterns.  Jacob Burden gained silver for patterns and bronze for sparring whilst his brother Ben narrowly missed out on a medal in a huge Peewee division.  Danny Hammond won silver for sparring, Karl Swanston won silver for patterns and bronze for sparring whilst also gaining the best adult male competitor award, unfortunately his son Jake finished 4th in both sparring and patterns after coming up against larger competitors and narrow decisions. Liam Howes  (aged 12) fought bravely to win a silver for sparring in his 1st ever competition.  Jason Drake achieved a superb silver for sparring in an all coloured belts adult category in which he was the lowest grade whilst also getting bronze for patterns.  Henry Howe (aged 15) was rewarded for his artistic patterns with a great silver medal, and battled hard to win a bronze for his sparring, this also earned him the award for best junior male competitor of the day.

In the black belt section Jenna Akerman (aged 17) won bronze for patterns and Saskia Baylis (also 17) got bronze for sparring in the tough adult female category which rounded off a very busy day.

Clinton Gillett the area international instructor said “all competitors from the region did themselves proud as just having the guts and determination to stand up in competition and fight opponents as well as nerves deserves respect and admiration, only 10% of club members nationally compete so just taking part is a credit to themselves”.

Students are now gearing up for the British Championships and the next grading but there is always room for new beginners so if you want to come along to either Bungay or Beccles club you will be made very welcome in our family friendly classes and you can find details on our websites www.bungay-taekwondo.co.uk or www.beccles-taekwondo.co.uk



The next tournament is the Big One the GTUK British Nationals 8th March at Ryton Nr Coventry. 

Anyone wishing to enter needs to get an entry form filled in and back to us by the end of next weekend.

See the web site for Details of the upcoming British Champs 8th March 2014


Just a quick note to let you know the next grading is on:

Saturday 29th March 2014

1st Quarter Belt Grading

Bungay High School, Hall 1. 

arrive 9.45 am for 10.00 am start.

So please try and attend as many training session before this date so that we can help get you ready!

See you in the Dojang!



For up to date info please regularly check our website www.beccles-taekwondo.co.uk

or call Susan and Nigel Bedingfield on 01986 895204

or email: info@beccles-taekwondo.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BecclesTaekwondo

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