Taekwon-do Etiquette

In Taekwon-do there is a definite etiquette by which all members abide.

- As you enter and exit the Training Hall (Dojang) you should bow, with both feet together and hands as fists out to the side of your body.

- At the start of a training session the most senior grade will call the class to attention, the next most senior grade will call the class to attention and you will turn to face your Instructors and bow as described above. This is to show respect to your Instructors.

Then call out:

(Attention Stance)

(National Instructor)

Kyong – Ye


Then the highest coloured belt grade will then call the class to turn and face the second most senior grades and bow as before. This is to show respect to your seniors.

- When talking to a senior Black Belt at a Taekwon-do event or session, such as a grading or competition you address them as “Sir” for male Black Belts or “Madam” for female Black Belts.

- When shaking hands with a fellow Taekwon-do student/instructor/official you do so by shaking with your right hand as usual, but your left hand is to be palm down under the elbow of your right arm, bowing as you do so with your feet together.

- When before you spar it is good sportsmanship to “offer your glove” to your opponent, by this you simply touch fists. (Do so before the fight starts as not all competitors may not recognise your action as friendly.)

- When bowing to an International Black Belt Instructor (4th Degree Black Belt and higher) you show respect by bowing and allowing the instructor to end their bow before you stand and straight again.

- When Wearing your Taekwon-Do belt you should not eat as this is disrespectful to your belt. First take off your belt, then you can eat.

- Always obide by the tenets of Taekwon-do by showing Courtesy, Integrity and Self-Control, and especially when in the company of senior black belts from different clubs. Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit are not so relevent to etiquette but are equally as important in Taekwon-Do.