Korean Terminology

This is small list of Korean you can expect to hear in a normal training session.

Attention = Charyot
Classification of Instructor = Sabum Jongyu
International Instructor = Guk Jae Sabumnim
Bow = Kyong – Ye
Commence/Start = Si Jak
Ready = Junbi
Stop = Goman
Return to Ready Stance = Baro
About Turn = Dwiyo Torra

One = Hana 
Two = Dool 
Three = Set 
Four = Net 
Five = Tasot 
Six = Yaset 
Seven = Ilgop 
Eight = Yadul 
Nine = Ahop 
Ten = Yul 

Other Korean terminology can be found in the belt grading syllabus

And on this very helpful web site: Korean Terminology

Full Terminology and Grading Requirements
A full list can be found on the GTUK web site where you can register as a member and then see your own grading requirements.

These GTUK colour belt adult grading requirements and terminology are available to registered website members only, located under forms and documents. A full example can be found by clicking on the white belt.

Pewees, junior colour belt, black belt star grades and adult black belts grading requirements and terminology will be coming soon.

Hand and foot parts – Korean names
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