Beccles Taekwondo Demo & Open Evening: Thurs Nov 14th 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Taekwondo Demonstration

Beccles Taekwondo Demonstration & Open Evening

Thursday 14th November

6.30pm to 8.30pm (2 hours)

in the Activity Hall, The Venue, Ringsfield Road, Beccles. 

All Beccles students should try to make this session
and help promote our Martial Art.

We are running a Special 2 hour session where students will be demonstrating
all aspects of our powerful Martial Art to the public:

Techniques, Patterns, Sparring, Self-defence and Destruction. 

With an open invitation for people to Come and Try, from ages 5 and up. Parents and Veterans included! 

Taekwondo Demonstration

Instructors Mr & Mrs Bedingfield are encouraging more adults and veterans
to come and learn Taekwon-do, making them fitter, stronger and more confident. 

Taekwon-do self-defence develops the power to protect! 

New members are always welcome to Come and Try for FREE at any session, Mon & Thurs 7-8.30pm

Free T-shirts still on offer for those that do!

ITF Recognition Plaque

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