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Just a flavour of the way we do things at
Beccles Taekwondo

We work as a family, all grades and ages respect each other, and help each other to progress.

Building Taekwondo skills, strength, stamina, confidence.

‘Little Tigers Warm Up’

Big’uns helping Little’uns . . .
Black belts working with the Peewees

Powerful Martial Art & Self-defence

FREE T-shirt when you COME & TRY Taekwon-do in Beccles!

Your first 1.5 hour session is FREE,

and you will get a FREE T-shirt!

Mixed age CLASSES

Peewee 5-11,  Junior 12-16, Adult 17-39

& ‘OldTigers’ 40+:

on Monday and Thursday evenings
7 to 8.30pm

Ages 5 and up, no need to book, just turn up in loose clothing and bring a water bottle.

Our training dojang is upstairs in the V5 Room,
The Venue, Beccles Sports Centre.

Grading & Christmas Party December 16th 2017

Beccles Taekwon-do – Grading and Christmas Party

The last grading of the year will be on Saturday 16th December from 1.30 – 4.30 in the Gym at Bungay High School. Please make sure you wear a clean dobok and bring plenty of fluid, sparring kit and your Korean terminology so you can revise.
We will need your grading fee £28 before the day.

Please note: Mr Gillett would like to see all Red Belt and Black Tags that have not graded recently. He would like you to go through the whole grading syllabus with the other students who are grading.

After the grading the Christmas Party is being held at Broome Village Hall from 5.30 to 10pm, where we will also be doing belt presentations.

Broome Village Hall, Sun Road, Broome, Bungay NR35 2RW

PARTY FOOD Hog roast, savoury food, vegetarian options, cakes, sweet, will be provided by the Bungay and Beccles clubs.

DRINKS Please bring your own soft drinks.



I  will/will not   be coming to the Christmas Party.

Please return this to your instructor by Wednesday 6th December.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Change of training night. We will be training on Wednesday 6th December instead of Thursday 7th!! This session will be in the SJL School gym, please ask at sports hall reception if you do not know where to go. Normal time 7-8.30pm

The last training session of the year will be Monday 18th December (which will be a Christmas fun session) and we won’t be returning until Monday 8th January, then every Monday and Thursday as normal.

Please also note if you would like to purchase Club t-shirts, hoodies or drawstring bags, can you return the forms by December 6th to give us a chance to print them. Click to load order form.

Great day for Beccles Taekwondo Club at the GTUK British Championships.

Proud instructors Mr and Mrs Bedingfield pictured with medal winners.

A small but powerful squad of 6 students travelled to Coventry to compete in the GTUK British Taekwondo Championships and came back with 11 medals!

Jason Drake, Black Belt: Gold Patterns, Silver Destruction, Bronze Sparring

Barbara Mazza, Black Belt: Silver Patterns, Silver Destruction, Bronze Sparring

Joseph Andrews Colour Belt: Gold Sparring, Silver Patterns

Tina Andrews Colour Belt: Silver Sparring, Bronze Patterns

Simon Leak Colour Belt: Silver Sparring

Marcel Leak-Spelman Colour Belt: competed well in a large category and just missed out on the medals.

Taking part in tournaments can be a daunting experience, but it is the only true way to evaluate your progress in Taekwondo, but most of all it shows the dedication to your training that is required to compete at a National level. For some the day started at 4am and arriving home at 10pm. Well done guys, it shows that all the hard work and commitment pays off!

ITF styled Taekwondo is a powerful self-defence and sport martial art, suitable for all ages, so if you would like to come and try Taekwondo please come along for a FREE session (and you get a Free T-shirt) at the Venue Sport Centre, Ringsfield Road, Beccles, Mondays and Thursdays 7pm to 8.30pm.

Get a FREE T-shirt when you COME and TRY #Taekwondo in #Beccles!

Get a FREE T-shirt when you COME and TRY Taekwon-do in Beccles!

Your first 1.5 hour session is FREE,

and you will get a FREE T-shirt!

Classes on Monday and Thursday evenings
7 to 8.30pm 

Ages 5 and up, no need to book, just turn up in loose clothing and bring a water bottle.

Our training dojang is upstairs in the V5 Room, The Venue, Beccles Sports Centre. 

GTUK British Championships 28th October 2017

– Sports Connexion, Ryton – 8.30am registration

Ask your instructors for details and entry forms.

GTUK British Champs & Tag Team Event Saturday 28th October 2017

Registration on the day will open at 8:30 am, and there will be refreshments available during the day. Please arrive as early as possible with your students to ensure the day will run as smoothly as possible.
Entry fees are:

• Coloured Belt Adults £20.00
• Coloured Belt Junior & Peewee £15.00
• Black Belt Adults – £20.00
• Black Belt Junior & Peewee £15.00
• Spectators £5.00 on the day through Spectators entrance. • Under 11yrs old free’ when accompanied by an adult

Black Belt Tag team Event

There will be a 3 person tag team event for Peewee, Junior and Adult Black Belts. Forms (attached) are to be completed by Instructors, and handed in on the registration day. Teams should be made up where possible from local and Jeegoo clubs.

After Champs Halloween Party

There will be Halloween themed party open to all, from 7.30 till late with DJ and Bar. Advance bookings £5.00 per ticket (contact Mrs Auciello) or £7.00 on the door.

Information for GTUK 2017 Championships

Saturday 28th October 2017, registration starts at 8:30am.
Could you please meet your Instructors outside the venue; they will then escort the competitors into the Main hall? Spectators are free to pay and enter through the spectators’ door as and when.

The competition is being held at: Sports Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton-On-Dunsmore, CV8 3FL

Equipment & Dress code

All students are recommended to travel in casual clothes, please wear any club or GTUK merchandise if you have it. There are facilities there for all students to change into their Doboks when they arrive. Please don’t forget your belt! All boys are required to wear groin guards, and we suggest that any long hair is tied up and pulled back off the students face. Ensure have your own sparring gear with you. Any jewellery should be removed, or covered with plasters if it really cannot be taken out; please be advised though any jewellery worn is completely at your own risk.

Format of the day

Students will register as a club, and will be taken through to the main hall, where they can rejoin their parents/guardians, we would recommend they then get changed and then use any spare time to warm up and practice. Grand Master Oldham and the senior grades will open the tournament at aprox. 9:30.

There will be a holding area where all competitors will remain until their category is ready to commence. Students will be called and will bow to the judges. In the patterns category they will be asked which pattern they will be doing, and they will then perform that pattern against their opponent, judges will signal which competitor is successful at the end. This will continue through to the final. Similarly for sparring, students will be called up, and will bow in and then students will compete to see who achieves the most points during the time.

Medals will be presented during a number of ceremonies throughout the day.


Any parents wishing to take photographs or video need to sign a form when they arrive into the building, you will ordinarily be issued with a sticker to show this has been completed. There will be a 3rd party professional photographer onsite, who will be taking professional photographs during the day. If students’ photos are taken you can purchase these to take away on the day.


We recommend that you take a pack up with you and some entertainment for young children. There is however a cafeteria which sells hot and cold drinks, crisps, bacon and sausage sandwiches for you during the day should you need it.

After Party

Everyone is welcome to come to the Halloween After Champs Party at the Sports Connexion. Tickets are on sale at £7 per person on the day from the merchandise stand, or can be reserved via your Instructors before 24th October 2017 for £5 per ticket. The party starts at 7:30pm, and a buffet will be served at 8pm. The disco and bar will continue till late.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your Instructors on the day.

We would like to wish you all the very best of luck and hope you enjoy your day, and also take this opportunity to thank you for your support!


We have 4 New Taekwondo Black Belts at our Beccles Club!

Fantastic news, we have 4 New Black Belts at the club!

GTUK Black Belt gradings are a test of mental and physical abilities, 3 pattern sequences of strikes, kicks and blocks; self defence step sparring; full sparring; the breaking of 2 inch pine boards with hand and feet techniques; Korean theory along with a thesis about Taekwon-do which all students prepare in the months beforehand.

All students had to travel 150 miles to Ryton-on-Dunsmore near Coventry, where the grading took place on Saturday. This grading is a true test of our martial art, with no quarter given throughout a gruelling day, performing in front of the GTUK senior instructors including Master Aucellio 7th Degree, and Grand Master Oldham 9th Degree who’s history links the Beccles club back to the originator of Taekwon-do General Choi Hong Hi in 1955.

So our congratulations go to:

Isabella Gibson 12, Junior 1st Dan Black Belt,
Bella was also awarded best junior thesis of the grading.

Liam Mills 14, Junior 1st Dan Black Belt.

Dean Harding Adult, 1st Dan Black Belt.

Jason Drake Veteran, promoted to 1.5 Dan Black Belt

It takes great dedication and commitment to learn Taekwon-do, with up to 4 years training to become a 1st Dan Taekwon-do Black Belt, on your journey you achieve a great level of confidence, strength, fitness and can make lifetime friendships along the way.

Proud Club Instructors Mr and Mrs Bedingfield with Bella and Liam after the Junior presentations

3rd Quarter Belt Grading Beccles & Bungay Taekwondo Clubs

3rd Quarter Belt Grading Beccles & Bungay Taekwondo Clubs

1st October 2017

Well done to all our Beccles Taekwon-do students who attended the GTUK East 3rd Quarter Grading held at Bungay 1st Oct.

You achieved 100% pass!

The examination includes demonstrations of techniques including kicks, punches and blocks, patterns (sequences of moves), sparring, self-defence, power destruction and Korean technical language.

The Bungay and Beccles clubs are both centres for the local community with many parents training with their children. So if you would like to learn one of the Worlds best martial arts, come along to a free taster session which you can find further details on the clubs websites.

The youngest students in the clubs are 5 years old and there is no upper age limit.

 Always wanted to learn a martial art?
Then Come and Try Taekwon-do at Beccles Taekwon-do Club!
It’s never too late, we teach both the young and the not so young 🙂


Grading alert. New students get a FREE T-Shirt!


Sun Oct 1st 3rd Quarter Club Grading Bungay High School Gym, 10am – 1pm

Sat Oct 7th – BLACK BELT GRADING + AGM MEET – Sports Connexion, Ryton – 9.30am reg: forms from website or instructors

Sat Oct 28th – BRITISH INDIVIDUAL CHAMPS + PARTY – Sports Connexion, Ryton – 8.30 am registration

Wed Nov 1st 7-8.30pm Jee-Goo Bungay High School, Hall 1


We have now linked all the Colour Belt Grading Syllabuses on our site from this page:

Belt Grading Syllabus

But you will need our password to view the page, so email us if you do not know it! 

Then you can print off your next syllabus ready for gradings.



Beccles Taekwon-do

Your first 1.5 hour session is FREE, and you will get a FREE T-shirt!

Family Classes 5+

Get a FREE T-shirt when you COME and TRY Taekwondo in Beccles!

 ‘Old Tigers’ Veteran Taekwondo Classes 35+

Get a FREE ‘Old Tigers’ T-shirt when you COME and TRY Taekwondo!

Classes on Monday and Thursday evenings 7pm to 8.30pm

No need to book, just turn up in loose clothing and bring a water bottle.

Our Beccles training dojang is upstairs in the V5 Room,The Venue, Beccles Sports Centre.

See you in the Dojang


Instructors: Susie and Nidge Bedingfield
Tel: 01986895204

For up to date information please regularly check this website:

or the short version:


Global Taekwon-do United Kingdom, Unified ITF, Taekwon-do International, British Taekwon-do Council


Old Tigers Veteran Taekwondo Classes

‘Old Tigers’ Veteran Taekwondo Classes!

1st session will be FREE,
and we will have some exclusive
Old Tiger Veteran Taekwondo T-shirts to give away too!

Yes finally we are running some Veteran Taekwondo classes for folks that live around the Beccles / Lowestoft area, a martial art for 35 and overs.
 Taekwondo can be practiced by anyone…there is no upper age limit!

Mondays and Thursdays 7 to 8.30pm

The Venue, (Beccles Sports Centre)
Ringsfield Road, Beccles
NR34 9PF

There are more reasons to come and try Veteran Taekwon-do than just getting a Free T-shirt:

The chance to work with a group of Veteran Martial artists who will help teach you the way of Taekwon-do.

Our training syllabus develops your ability to defend yourself using blocks, punches and kicks.

Progress through our belt gradings will build agility, strength, fitness and self confidence, no matter how old you are.

For those who are very competitive, we can train you to compete at national level against other veterans.

Come and meet with us, we want you to experience the feeling of being part of one of the Worlds best martial arts, where you will make lifetime friendships, not just locally but globally!!

Your journey starts here > Old Tigers Veteran Taekwon-do! So why not come and give us a look this week! 😉 

What’s to lose? Free Session – Free T-shirt!

‘Old Tigers’ Taekwon-do instructors ready and waiting 😉

So we are looking for some ‘Old Tigers’ who are willing to give it a go,
and we will surprise you on what you can achieve!

Anyone interested in this please come along, loose clothing and bring a water bottle as you may get hot!

email: [email protected]

This week we had a guest ITF Black Belt student from Spain join the class

Daniel Wickham lives in Spain most of the time, but also visits Beccles during the year from time to time, so popped in for a training session with the Beccles Club.

Photos show Daniel on the right lined up with a few of the Beccles senior crew after the training session.

Club instructor Mrs Bedingfield (3rd from left) said he was an excellent student, a credit to his instructors, and is always welcome to join the Beccles club sessions whenever he is in town.

Photos courtesy Marie Wickham