Congratulations to our students who attended the GTUK British Taekwondo Championships last weekend

Jason and Barbara

Five Beccles Taekwon-do Black Belts travelled to the competition held in Coventry, and this was the 2nd weekend running Beccles had students heading across the country to a major Taekwon-do event.

All worked tirelessly helping with organising and refereeing the competitors squares with a special mention for Bella Gibson who did a fantastic job of chaperoning competitors around all day.

Barbara Mazza and Jason Drake then entered their respective categories later in the day, and were both very successful in their events.

GTUK British Taekwondo Championship Results:

GTUK British Taekwondo Championships

Barbara Mazza Gold Patterns, Silver Sparring

GTUK British Taekwondo Championships

Jason Drake Gold Patterns, Silver Destruction

Also pictured below are Paul Chapman and Jason Drake receiving their ITF International Certificates for their recent Black Belt gradings, which were presented at the Thursday club session by Mr and Mrs Bedingfield.

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