Covid19 update: Taekwon-do Classes remain on hold!

11 July 2020

Covid19 update: Taekwon-do Classes remain on hold!

We have seen the recent government announcements about indoor sports being permitted from July 25th, however our official guidelines from the British Taekwondo Council, who are the governing body for Taekwondo in the UK, outline the following guidance in our sized dojang:

Classes can only be groups of no larger than 10 People including instructors.

Distancing measures need to be: 2m without masks not facing each other, 1m+ with masks/face coverings, however our sports centre recommends masks NOT to be worn for exercising.

Proper PPE equipment would be required for the instructors should they need to issue 1st aid to a student. Along with other special measures relating to the use and cleaning of any equipment used.

It would be very difficult to manage a rota to get everyone into the classes in such small groups, and also not cost effective considering the extra expenses of sanitiser wipes etc. We also have to consider the restrictions of distancing and not allowing contact, both of which make teaching Taekwon-do very challenging.

So unfortunately we still feel it is not yet time to reopen the dojang, but we will review the situation on a weekly basis in the hope we can return to the dojang very soon.

In the meantime, we recommend you look at the virtual classes for your grade, so that you can be ready for the return. If you have not done so, apply to join the GTUK Student Facebook group and we will confirm your membership.

GTUK Distance Training Topics Menu.

Colour Belt Classes (all)

White belt to Green tag belt

Green belt to Blue belt

Red tag to Black tag belts

Family Classes

Sunday Sessions

As always we are here for you and looking forward to seeing you all as soon as we safely can.

Mr and Mrs Bedingfield. 

National Instructors

ITF Recognition Plaque

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