First Open ITF Championships 2019

Beccles Taekwon-do International Squad
Beccles Taekwon-do Open ITF International Competitors

First Open ITF Championships May 11th 2019

History was made this weekend at the 1st Open ITF International Competition, formed by members for the members, hosted by the GTUK who’s members and instructors abide truthfully to the tenants of Taekwon-do with genuine warmth shown to other Taekwon-do groups.

Beccles Taekwon-do Star performer, Bella Mazza-Gibson, GOLD Junior 1st Degree Black Belt Patterns.
 First Open ITF Championships
Mrs Mazza (left) Silver Patterns

The attendance of nearly 700 people, 3 Grandmasters, 5 Masters and 33 different organisations/groups shows the direction Open ITF are taking, new friends have been made and many old friends reunited. A wonderful atmosphere throughout the day.

Well done Beccles, fantastic results after a long day in Coventry.

Beccles Taekwon-do Open ITF International results:

Bella Mazza-Gibson Junior Black belt patterns GOLD

Joel Thrower Cadet Blue Belt Sparring BRONZE

Jenna Akerman Senior Black belt Patterns SILVER

Barbara Mazza Veteran Black belt Patterns SILVER


A few pictures from the weekends Open ITF International Championships held in Coventry.

Fantastic day, Beccles Taekwon-do students and officials were brilliant, so thank you for all your hard work and support, we are very proud of the examples you set and standards you achieved, true Taekwon-do spirit.

Mr and Mrs B.

Joel Thrower Bronze Sparring
Joel Thrower Bronze Sparring

A few pictures from the weekends Open ITF International Championships held in Coventry:

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