Good luck to those attending the GTUK 2013 Championships, 26th Oct 2013

Good luck to those competing at the GTUK 2013 Championships, enjoy every minute of your experience.

Remember GTUK Beccles students: Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat!



Information for GTUK 2013 Championships

Date & Time
Saturday 26th Oct 2013, registration starts at 8:30am.
Could you please meet your Instructors outside the venue; they will then escort the competitors into the Main hall. Spectators are free to pay and enter through the spectators door as and when.

Entry fees are:

  • Coloured Belt Adults £20.00
  • Coloured Belt Junior & Peewee £15.00
  • Black Belt Adults – £20.00
  • Black Belt Junior & Peewee £15.00
  • Black Belt Tag Team Event £15.00
  • Spectators £5.00 on the day through Spectators entrance.
  • Under 11yrs old free’ when accompanied by an adult

The competition is being held in the external hall at: Sports Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton-On-Dunsmore, CV8 3FL A route map is attached separately for those who require it.

Equipment & Dress code
All students are recommended to travel in casual clothes, please wear any club or GTUK merchandise if you have it. There are facilities there for all students to change into their Doboks when they arrive. Please don’t forget your belt! All boys are required to wear groin guards, and we suggest that any long hair is tied up and pulled back off the students face. If you have your own sparring gear please ensure you have it with you. We would politely ask any students that do have their own sparring gear, if they would mind sharing with any new starters that do not. Any jewellery should be removed, or covered with plasters if it really cannot be taken out; please be advised though any jewellery worn is completely at your own risk.

Format of the day
Students will register as a club, and will be taken through to the main hall, where they can rejoin their parents/guardians, we would recommend they then get changed and then use any spare time to warm up and practice. Grand Master Oldham and the senior grades will open the tournament at aprox. 9:30. There will be a holding area where all competitors will remain until their category is ready to commence. Students will be called and will bow to the judges. In the patterns category they will be asked which pattern they will be doing, and they will then perform that pattern against their opponent, judges will signal which competitor is successful at the end. This will continue through to the final. Similarly for sparring, students will be called up, and will bow in and then students will compete to see who achieves the most points during the time.
Medals will be presented during a number of ceremonies throughout the day.

Tag Team Event
The Black Belt tag team event will take place as a demonstration event. The event will consist of a 4 minute sparring point stop session where the team members can tag in and out of the bout, after a point has been scored or the sparring has been stopped for any other reason. Teams can register on the day at the registration desk at a cost of £15 per team.

Any parents wishing to take photographs or video need to sign a form when they arrive into the building, you will ordinarily be issued with a sticker to show this has been completed. There will also be a 3rd party professional photographer onsite, who will be taking photographs during the day. If students’ photos are taken you can purchase these to take away on the day.

We recommend that you take a pack up with you and some entertainment for young children. There is however a cafeteria which sells hot and cold drinks, crisps, bacon and sausage sandwiches for you during the day should you need it.

After Party
Everyone is welcome to come to the Heroes & Villains Theme After Champs Party at the Sports Connexion. Tickets are on sale at £5 per person on the day from the merchandise stand, or can be reserved via your Instructors before 19th October for £3 per ticket. The party starts at 7pm, and a buffet will be served at 8pm. The disco and bar will continue till late.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your Instructors on the day. We would like to wish you all the very best of luck and hope you enjoy your day, and also take this opportunity to thank you for your support!

Click here for entry form, fill out and give to your instructor. Entry Form


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