IMPORTANT: DOJANG NEWS we are back in the ‘Activity Room’ for all Lessons




We are back in the

‘Activity Room’

for all Lessons

(V5 room was too small)

The Venue
(Beccles Sports Centre)

Monday and Thursday

7.00pm to 8.30pm

Next grading is on 4th of October!

If you’ve not been for a while it’s time for some serious training starting next week!

Other NEWS:

We have put up a link to some brilliant Taekwondo Training Videos, take a look, the link is in the menus too: B-TKD Video

Also added a link to the Taekwondo Encyclopaedia, again also in the menus: TKD Encyclopedia

 Having revamped the website for easier viewing, we have added a New Shortened Web Address


for easier promotion.

The old address still works too!

 New Club T-Shirts available

Now sporting our new shortened web address, many variations on colours too!

tikwon t-shirt

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