Our new British Taekwondo Champions and medalists

British Taekwondo Champions

Great Days work at the GTUK British Taekwon-do Championships by our Beccles squad.

We took a small but powerful Beccles squad to the GTUK British Taekwon-do Championships held in Coventry on Saturday 5th Oct 2019.

Our students performed impeccably all day, both on and off the mats, showing great Taekwon-do spirit and courtesy, and gained the following achievements:

Lousie Nicoll – Junior Girls, Yellow Belt
Gold Sparring (GTUK British Champion)

Tyler Mingaye – Adult Male, Green Tag Belt
Gold Patterns, Gold Sparring (GTUK British Champion)

Sophie Akerman – Adult Ladies, Black Belt
Silver Patterns, Silver Sparring

Jamie Nicoll – Junior Boys, Yellow Belt
Silver Patterns

Jenna Akerman – Adult Ladies, Black Belt
Bronze Patterns

Barbara Mazza did not have any veteran competitors so was entered into the younger adults categories, and joined Jenna Akerman in a competitive sparring section that saw them both experiencing 2 rounds of sparring against 4th degree World Champion Mrs Emma Collett!

Bella Gibson(Junior Black Belt) along with Beccles instructors Mr and Mrs Bedingfield worked tirelessly all day as officials.

Well done everyone, a few photos follow, but more can be seen and purchased here from the official photographers:


Full Results: British Individual Championships 5-10-2019

Also well done to Mr Gillett and all the Bungay Taekwondo Students, see their report here: Bungay and Beccles Taekwondo clubs had a superbly successful GTUK British Championships on Saturday.



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