News: Carnival, Demo, Bank Holiday Closure



Hi All,


Beccles Carnival Sunday 18th August – Parade and Demo!

We are taking part in the parade at the Beccles Carnival and we will be also handing out flyers, so if you can support us please come along, doboks and belts to be worn if you have one.

We will be joined by members from Bungay, so the more of us there are the greater impact! We will be doing a demo in the afternoon too!

Meet 10.30am on the Gosford Road Car Park – Judging is at 11am, procession leaves at 1pm, demo at 4pm.


Sorry No Training on Monday 26th August Bank Holiday the Sports centre is closed


Instructors 2nd Degree (2nd Dan)

Susan Bedingfield

Nigel Bedingfield


See you at training 🙂



You can always help Promote the Club

Please click here for a NEW come and try poster, which can be printed and distributed in and around Beccles.


For up to date info please regularly check our website

or call Susan and Nigel Bedingfield on 01986 895204

or email: [email protected]



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Try Taekwondo at Beccles Sports Centre Family Fun Days this summer

beccles taekwondo

Beccles Taekwon-do will be taking part in the Family Fun Days at the Beccles Sports Centre during August 2013

Friday 2nd August & Friday 30th August 2013

Beccles Sports Centre Family Fun Days

All places must be booked in advance

Visit or contact Beccles Sports Centre for details: 01502 712039

Always wanted to learn a martial art?

It’s never too late… Come and Try Taekwon-do at Beccles Taekwon-do Club 




Hundreds of people enjoy Beccles Memorial Hospital Fete

Report in Beccles and Bungay Journal

“The good weather has helped an annual Beccles fund-raiser see bumper crowds enjoy its sights and sounds….and a display by members of the Beccles Taekwondo team.”

Beccles Hospital Summer Fete. PIC: Nick Butcher
Beccles Hospital Summer Fete. PIC: Nick Butcher

see full report:


100% Pass Rate for Martial Art students from Beccles and Bungay Taekwondo Clubs

 Well done to all Beccles and Bungay students who passed their belt grading, and a special thank you to Examiner Mr King 6th degree.


Beccles and Bungay Taekwondo students after their summer belt grading 2013


Beccles and Bungay Taekwondo students after their summer belt grading 2013 – Jazz hands version 😉

Beccles and Bungay GTUK Taekwondo Students took part in their summer grading at Bungay High School on Sunday 23rd June 2013

All students were graded on their individual belt syllabus, which includes, patterns, techniques, step sparring, self defence, semi contact sparring, destruction, and a test of their knowledge in both English and Korean.

The GTUK examiner Mr Steve King 6th degree from Wellingborough, was very pleased with the progress of all students, and said that the standards were high.

“An excellent 100% pass rate was achieved, with many being mums and dads grading alongside their own children!”

Now is a great time to start this family orientated sport, giving new members 3 months to learn the 1st belt syllabus in time for the September grading.

It takes 4 years to learn the full syllabus to become a 1st Degree Black Belt student.

We welcome students from the age of 6, there is no upper age limit!

Susan and Nigel Bedingfield Tel: 01986 895204
Beccles train at Beccles Sports Centre on
Monday and Thursday 7 – 8.30pm.

News: Summer Grading, Doboks, Protective Gear


Summer Grading – Sunday 23rd June 10.30 am
at Bungay High School – main hall (unless otherwise instructed)

We will need the grading fee of £28 per person in cash the week before
 the grading please, as we have to prepare all the paper work before hand
ready to hand in promptly on the day!

Doboks are not necessary for the first grading but if we get enough people interested we will be placing an order soon (postage is very expensive so we need to order in bulk).

Please come and get an order form if you are interested.

We have a size chart so come and discuss with us before you place your order.

Protective Gear
We only have a certain amount of ‘spare sparring kit’ to go around!

It’s always nice to have your own kit, you can keep it smelling fresh!!

Again come and get a form (basic kit starts at £50 this includes hand, feet and shin protection) but do ask for help with sizing as they do vary.

with your grading and remember practice makes perfect!




Taekwondo Black Belts successful grading May 18th 2013


Students from Bungay and Beccles Taekwon-do Clubs travelled over 300 miles round trip to Ryton in Coventry to participate in a Black Belt grading.

Clinton Gillett (4th Degree International Instructor and 2000 World Silver Medalist) from Bungay Taekwon-do club represented the Black Belts as their senior GTUK instructor.

Three juniors, Kalun Bedingfield and Jenna and Sophie Akerman, had a long gruelling day all showing great Taekwon-do spirit throughout their grading, were awarded their Second Star (1 1/2 Degree Black Belts).

Veterans Susan and Nigel Bedingfield also took their grading and again after a very long day succeeded in passing the examination to become 2nd Degree (2nd Dan) Black Belts.

The examination covered Patterns (formation of moves), Step Sparring (for juniors) and Foot Sparring (adults), Self-Defence, Sparring, Breaking plastic boards and wooden boards respectively, and lastly being tested on their Korean terminology knowledge.


Logan Bedingfield was awarded his Unified International Taekwondo Federation Certificate personally signed by 9th Degree Grand Master Hwang Kwang Sung.

We would also like to congratulate Mr Steve King, examiner of the Bungay and Beccles club gradings on receiving his 6th degree and to Mr Darren Twelvetree and Mr Priest on succeeding to 4th degree.

A superb result for a tough weekends work! 


If you are interested in finding out more about this family orientated martial art, please go to the following websites.

Clinton Gillett Tel: 01986 892140  Mob: 07970 664965

Susan and Nigel Bedingfield Tel: 01986 895204


Bungay train at Bungay High School on Tuesday 7 – 8 pm Wednesday 4-5 (high school students only) and Thursday 7 -8.30pm.

Beccles train at Beccles Sports Centre on Monday and Thursday 7 – 8.30pm.


We welcome students from the age of 6, there is no upper age limit!





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