Taekwondo Colour Belt Class White belt to Green tag Tuesday 26th May 6.30pm

Taekwondo Colour Belt Classes

White belt to Green tag

Tuesday 26th May 6.30pm

Colour belts

“Looking forward to tonight’s class, join us FB Live or via Zoom. We’ll look at techniques and patterns for the lower grades, white belt – green tags. I’ll answer your questions and help you with your technique.”

See recorded feed here:

Topic: Master A’s Coloured belt class
Time: 6:30pm Tuesday

Join the group to watch live feed now or later.


Syllabus PDF files are linked below:

*Note: some pdfs are secured by GTUK student password, email [email protected] if you haven’t got it!


from GTUK distance training tutorials.


Stay Safe and do Taekwon-do!

Also check out YOUR belt information on our Beccles Taekwondo website

Check your patterns here

Remember to PRINT OUT and practice your Terminology for your belt grade!


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