Taekwondo fun sessions

At Beccles Taekwondo we do have FUN sessions too, here is one of Mrs B’s favourites from 2018 🙂

Not everyone turns up to these, but those that do have fun and free ‘chocolate!’

‘Fun sessions at Beccles Taekwondo Club, Halloween 2018’

So come and join us… Fun Fitness and Fighting

We teach all age groups from 5 and up, with no upper age limit 🙂
You will burn between 900 and 1400 calories in a session!
Getting fit and learning a self defence art, character building and great for self discipline too!
Taekwondo transfers your energy around your body like no other martial art, creating explosive techniques, giving you the power to punch and kick through a minimum of 2inches of pine boards. 
Beccles Taekwon-do
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